CRiLL-HL Workshop

1st GSCL/CEDIFOR-Workshop on Corpora and Resources for Low Resource Languages with a Special Focus on Historical Languages
Short Title: CRiLL-HL

Thanks to everybody for a productive workshop with interesting presentations, inspriring discussions and some new insights!

CRiLL-HL was held at Goethe University Frankfurt on 29.02.2016 and hosted in cooperation between the German Society for Computational Linguistics & Language Technology (GSCL) Special Interest Groups Historical-Comparative Linguistics and Corpus Linguistics and the Centre for the Digital Foundation of Research in the Humanities, Social, and Educational Sciences(CEDIFOR). The aim was to bring together researchers who work with Low Resource Languages (LRL) covering a range of studies for instance in Medieval Corpora, Corpus Driven Studies and Systems for Historical LRL. Especially interdisciplinary cooperations and dialogues between computational linguistics and linguistics surrounding the common topic of LRLs have been in the focus of CRiLL-HL.

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